Prizes & Monographs from the Board of Advisors

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Recent Monographs & Prizes for Polymaths and Other Arts Professionals

Sonja Schwedersky | 2016 Prize for Music Composition | Netherlands

7 Arts Foundation Prizes have been issued by the board since 1979

2011 Final Venice Reunion Meeting

The Music Prize always includes a nominal cash award.

2012 Pennsylvania Meeting

No outside nominations accepted, without exception.

2010 Lake Cuomo Reunion Meeting

Visual Image Categories: Fine Arts, Applied Arts & The Illuminated Arts

1985 Southwest Reunion Meeting

Past word image prize winners include USA Author Tom Wright

1983 High Plains Reunion Meeting

Past Performance Prizes to USA Pianist/Educator John Buttrick, MIT

1981 Venice Meeting

Prizes include a Monograph published by a member publisher and distributor

1990 Venice Reunion Meeting

Nominations are reserved solely for Board members to make...

1988 Final Southwest Reunion Meeting

Performance Categories: Music, Dance, Theatre

1986 High Plains Reunion Meeting

Word Image Category: Literature

1984 Venice Reunion Meeting

Past Visual Arts Prize Winners include USA Sculptor Tom Wright, USA Photographer, Kent Kriegshauser, and USA Artist Brenda Patterson

1982 Lake Cuomo Meeting

2016 Nominees, TBD

1980 Southwest Meeting

Press Inquiries Only:

1979 High Plains Meeting

7 Arts Foundation Board of Advisors & The Friends Society, underwriters